My desire to teach art was born through my need to share with others how art had dramatically changed my life, releasing the artist within me to create, explore, experiment, creating such a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment which has changed my life forever. The passion for my art is so powerful I almost feel that it is someone else working through me onto the canvas.

My classes are suitable for all abilities as I use an individual step-by-step teaching process. My students have produced beautiful work that they are so proud of and it delights me when I know they have found their inner artist.

I teach portraiture oil paint on stretched canvas or canvas board from life with a model sitting or from photographs where I use a grid system to precisely transfer the image.

Abstract and abstract landscape using cold wax and oil paint and acrylic paint on stretched canvas, cradled board, canvas board and anodised aluminium panels.

I am also well known for my love of experimentation with different mediums such as clear cast resin, rusty objects, plaster, pure silk creating textures and I encourage students to take risks with their work and discover their inner child and sense of fun.

Students bring their own materials, a list is always given on enrolment but I have a good selection of art materials at every class.

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