Award winning artist Paula Le Baigue was born in London and now lives in Abthorpe, Northamptonshire. She studied BA Fine Art at the University of Northampton where she graduated in 2016, then continued to study graduating with a Merit for MA Fine Art in 2020.

Her university work as a political/feminist artist Paula looks for the unfair treatment in our world, and uses the power of portraiture to create discourse and debate on these subjects. The MA work considered Coercive control, which was deemed a criminal offence in 2015. This work is regarding women that killed their abusive partners and were charged with first-degree murder instead of manslaughter, the fact of the abuse being disregarded. There is still an on going fight for these women today.

She has exhibited in The Old Truman Brewery in London and has held a solo show and many more collaborative exhibitions in Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

Paula paints commissioned portraits and captures the beauty of the female form from life drawing.